Dramatic Last Minute Goals in Football History

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People who enjoy sports and especially football don’t need these moments, but if they do happen they can be some of the greatest moments in life, both to the football players and the fans themselves, because these are the most dramatic last minute goals in football.

Over the years there have been too many goals which were scored at the last minutes of the game, during extra or added time and various dramatic, thrilling and emotional moments to have them all here in one video, so we’ve tried to gather some memorable events in football’s history with these last minute goals in football history for your enjoyment, it’s just too bad we can’t have them all right here and now.

In this video compilation of last minute goals in football history, we’ve collected 13 great moments we’re sure you all remember from the World Cup tournaments over the years, the Spanish Cup, qualifiers, Champions League matches over the years and more.

You will see and hear the excitement of fans and broadcasters to goals by Beckham, Gotze, Bergkamp, Solskjaer, Gerrard and others and get nostalgic and excited as well.

So, enjoy this compilation of dramatic last minute goals in football history, let us know what you think, share your own experiences from moments you remember or even seen live and remind us of other great last minute goals moments which are not mentioned here (and we know there are a lot!), let’s talk about it.

Follow our channel and enjoy our future videos which are promised to be exciting and entertaining, new and from current events and time or nostalgic.

0:01 – Introduction

0:08 - #13. Netherlands VS Argentina, FIFA World Cup 1998

0:33 - #12. Manchester United VS Bayern Munich, Champions League Final 1999

1:21 - #11. England VS Greece, FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2002

2:04 - #10. Italy VS Germany, FIFA World Cup Semi-Final 2006

3:02 - #9. Liverpool VS West Ham United, FA Cup Final 2006

3:38 - #8. Chelsea VS Barcelona, Champions League Semi-Final 2009

4:06 - #7. Spain VS Netherlands, FIFA World Cup Final 2010

4:58 - #6. Napoli VS Lecce, Seria A 2010/2011

5:31 - #5. FC Porto VS Benfica, Primeira Liga 2012/2013

6:15 - #4. Watford VS Leicester, Championship Play-Off Semi-Final 2012/2013

7:31 - #3. Dortmund VS Malaga, Champions League Quarter Final 2013

8:15 - #2. Real Madrid VS Barcelona, Cope Del Rey Final 2014

9:05 - #1. Germany VS Argentina, FIFA World Cup Final 2014

10:02 – Thank you for watching!

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